Book 2 Chapter 3 Is Now Live!

Book 2 Chapter 2 is Now LIVE!

Book 2 Chapter 1 is now LIVE!

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Part 3 of chapter 2 is up!

And thus ends book one!



Chapter 3, Lost and Found, Part 1




Okay, so the title of this chapter Life and Death in Lilyfield...but I call it exposition o'clock.  Enjoy a bit of back story and lets move this plot right along there.

Also, the thing about the bounty on a horse thief back in 1878...totally true.




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Welcome to my new web comic, Bounty Haunters.

This comic will be updated by Chapter, unlike Ami Chan which is updated by page. This is a full length story, as opposed to a one shot comic.

This is the first of the Story Driven Comics that I am doing, so I hope you will all bear with me as I work up each chapter. 

Also, fare warning: this comic may contain naughty naughty language. Don't read if'n you're a prude.

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