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Going to New York this upcoming week! Never been before, so here's to hoping that there's a cubic ass ton of comic ideas just walking around out there. WOOT!
New Comic is up. I'm gonna set me a stool down next to this here premise and milk it for everything its worth!
New ami chan is up! Woot!
RIGHT, so I'm gonna be at Ikkicon in Austin texas this upcoming New Years weekend. 
Get yo butts down to Austin!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am BACK
I am  sorry for having left you all for so very long.  Indeed the nights were long and cold for me as well.
Oh, how I missed the warmth of your eyes upon my comics. Cold and dark were the paths I walked....
But mostly you can blame lack of money on no new updates.  Having to get a day job doth suckith mightily.
SO! I am back doing the thing that I know I was put here on this earth to do, and that is make comics for all of you...
BUT, I do need your help.  To make sure that we never have this much time down ever again, PLEASE DONATE! 
It's kind of like PBS around here...if you like our awesome British comedy programming then please donate...or we will be forced to show reruns of "This old house" and Sesame Street episodes from 1987 when the light bulb was being thought as a quaint new invention that probably won't catch on.
Even a dollar here and there is helpful.  I was once told by a fellow web comic artist that if every person who read his work donated
even 10 cents, he would not have to worry about money and could devote himself to his comics...
If you love your artists as much as we love you, please lend a hand.
Kisses, Yo.