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AMI CHAN- Born in Baton Bloody Boring Rouge Louisiana, the combination of Chemical Plant fumes and River Water did major damage to her fragile little mind at an early  age.  The biggest "I really don't give a Sh*t, no really, I don't...stop talking to me" agnostic to ever graduate from the Catholic school system, she started work in a Bagel shop and developed a hate for all things "sorority" or "frat".  She finally moved from Baton Rouge to Austin Texas in 2007 where she still lives and works to this day.  Long story short....she's nuts but she draws purdy.
VDJ- Vin Diesel Jesus.  The body of Jesus with a poorly photo shopped head of Vin Diesel, He started out as a crap side character just to mess with all the super hardcore Christians who kept writing hate mail....but he's moved the hell in...and won't leave.  Mainly he sits on the couch and plays video games just like every room mate ever in the history of everything.  Nine times out of ten, he's the voice of logic when Ami has officially gone off the deep end yet againl.   And remember kids...Vin Diesel Jesus loves you...but mostly he loves himself.
SPIKY AND LUMPY-  Two small potted cacti who were given to Ami by super nice fans in Arizona knowing full well that Ami HATES CACTI.  They also moved in and refuse to leave.  Lumpy lives under the impression that everyone needs a hug and he's the one to give it. Don't ask why they talk...it's probably the same reason Vin Diesel Jesus lives on the couch.